Model 300

Remote, High Visibility Drive-up/Walk-up ATM Kiosk With Canopy

Remote, High Visibility Drive-up/Walk-up ATM Kiosk With CanopyDesigned for remote parking lots and areas with ample space, the 7’ x 7’ Model 300 seamlessly blends durability, visibility and security. Similar to the Model 200, the Model 300 ATM kiosk is built with an attached canopy that includes illuminated sign boxes and downlighting on all elevations. It also is designed to accommodate any ATM on the market and provides ample interior storage space for remote ATM deployments. The sheer size of the Model 300 makes it a venerable marketing tool that allows potential customers to see your ATM from any distance, day or night.

Concept Unlimited works to customize a kiosk to fit your ATM and location needs. Call us today for a kiosk solution.

Standard Features

  • Matthews automotive-grade urethane paint
  • Custom colors and graphics available with our color matching system to fit your marketing and branding needs
  • Aluminum interior painted in white satin urethane; no sheet rock or plaster board that can be easily damaged or absorb moisture
  • LED lighting
  • Automatic changeover HVAC system
  • Modular design for hassle-free repairs and maintenance
  • Applicable state modular building certifications through a third-party inspection firm as a free client benefit
  • One year warranty
  • Note: The spacious interior of the Model 300 precludes it from requiring our patented linear track system, which adds maneuverability to smaller ATM kiosks.

The following options are available to enhance your Model 100 ATM kiosk:

  • Built-in envelope dispenser
  • Built-in waste receptacle
  • 8.5’’ x 11’’ point of sale panel for convenient marketing and promotion
  • Network panel
  • Additional door scope
  • High gloss, semi-gloss, or stipple exterior paint finish
  • UL-approved illuminated sign box for greater marketing potential
  • Night deposit capability
  • Remote teller unit (RTU)
  • Protective bumper guards

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