Model 100

The Model 100 ATM kiosk enables you to install an ATM at any 2nd, 3rd or 4th drive lane that is under a branch canopy. Equipped with our patented linear track system, this secure kiosk provides a roomy 9’ service area for replenishing funds. Concept Unlimited can completely customize your Model 100 to accommodate features such as a money mover tube system and a secure night deposit box. Other features may include an extra security door scope and HVAC system that automatically adjusts from heat to A/C. The Model 100 kiosk is an efficient banking solution for installing an ATM under your existing drive-through canopy. For an even smaller footprint, consider our Model 100 Mini.

Concept Unlimited works to customize your kiosk to fit your ATM and location needs. Call us today for a kiosk solution.

Standard Features

  • Concept Unlimited’s patented linear track ATM delivery system that ensures minimal pad depth and maintenance-free money replenishment
  • Matthews automotive-grade urethane paint
  • Custom colors and graphics available with our color matching system to fit your marketing and branding needs
  • Aluminum interior painted in white satin urethane; no sheet rock or plaster board that can be easily damaged or absorb moisture
  • LED lighting
  • Automatic changeover HVAC system
  • Modular design for hassle-free repairs and maintenance
  • Applicable state modular building certifications through a third-party inspection firm as a free client benefit
  • One year warranty

The following options are available to enhance your Model 100 ATM kiosk:

  • Segregated electrical room
  • Built-in envelope dispenser
  • Built-in waste receptacle
  • 8.5’’ x 11’’ point of sale panel for convenient marketing and promotion
  • Network panel
  • Additional door scope
  • High gloss, semi-gloss, or stipple exterior paint finish
  • UL-approved illuminated sign box for greater marketing potential
  • Night deposit capability
  • Remote teller unit (RTU)
  • Protective bumper guards

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