About Us

30 Years of Personal Service, National Reach

In just under three decades, Concept Unlimited has grown from a small family business to a national ATM kiosk and sign innovator by retaining a strong commitment to customer service and craftsmanship while embracing lean manufacturing and value-driven products.

Customer Service

Now in its third generation of family ownership, Concept Unlimited is committed to developing a personal relationship with every client. We take the time to fully assess your situation, understand your goals and offer guidance every step of the way. Nearly 10 percent of our employees have been with us for 25 years or more. Our designers, engineers, welders, electricians and installers are all devoted to creating a rewarding and worthwhile client experience.


Using only the highest quality materials, we combine structurally sound hand-welded steel frames with hand-formed aluminum exteriors, expert paint matching, three-dimensional acrylics and energy-efficient illumination. Whether we’re providing focused design advice for your space or dispatching our expert installers across the country, we guarantee a product that will make you proud.

Innovative Manufacturing

Our engineers thrive in an atmosphere of constant, cost-saving innovation, incorporating modular design principles that allow you to service individual parts rather than replace entire structures. Some of our innovations include a patented linear track system for ATM kiosks (which has dramatically improved efficiency and space constraints while employing a virtually maintenance-free hand crank system) and our self-resetting drive lane clearance bars (which automatically revert to their original position if hit by a car).

Value-Driven Products

In addition to easy-to-replace modular designs, our products incorporate smart design features such as rustproof aluminum outer walls, soss hinges for best use of kiosk space, energy-saving auto-changeover HVAC systems and hidden drainage systems on kiosk and freestanding canopies. We find the best value for your organization by carefully navigating all building codes and state regulations to ensure a turnkey solution for your project..